Saksham Dhawan
A-21, Belvedere park, DLF phase 3, Gurgaon
Haryana- 122002 IN


An enthusiastic guy full of ideas, building innovative products revolving around technology. Dedicated to implementation and adoption of new technologies to maximise efficiency and find solutions to uncertainties and challenges. Open to all spheres of technology & product and always striving to exchange ideas with the community and look out for the latest. Previously worked @ Zomato, Flipkart.


  • 2012 2016

    Chitkara University, Chandigarh


    Computer Science

    CGPA: 8.50

  • 2010 2012

    PML SD Public School, Chandigarh

    Class XII


    Percentage: 83.1%

  • 2009 2010

    Golden Bells Public School, Mohali

    Class X


    CGPA: 9.60

Work Experience

RIVIGO, Gurugram
Mar 2018 – Present
Tech and product
Handling release lifecycle of RIVIGO GOAL - a tool to empower sales owners at RIVIGO. At the same time, collaborating with relevant stake holders on Engineering, Product and Design side to always make the product better with each update.
  • led the UX revamp and rebranding from Arjuna to RIVIGO GOAL
  • integrated Reimbursement SDK for automated travel based reimbursement of sales owners thereby reducing drudgery and paperwork.
  • responsible for development of in-house auto update mechanism making sure all sales owners are using what's latest
  • integrated Trip placement (LOAD assignment) on RIVIGO GOAL resulting in around 30% of all trips on RIVIGO being assigned through GOAL
  • delivered Smart Organizer, an advanced real time route planner and task manager for sales owners. This was an idea conceived during RIVIGO hackathon and won the fastest to production award. The feature also received positive feedback from on-field users.
Zomato, Gurugram
July 2016 – Mar 2018
Led Zomato Collect - a complete android tool for offline and online data collection.
Handled multiple responsibilities including working on Zomato - Restaurant Finder (consumer app) and Zomato Edit
  • responsible for full revamp of Zomato Collect. All offline and online sync mechanisms were handled with reactive programming concepts via extensive use of RxJava/RxAndroid, SQLBrite, Retrolambda and frodo.
  • developed a Virtual reality browsing experience (through Google cardboard) for the Zomato - Restaurant Finder Android app using Google VR SDK for Android as part of an office Hackathon which won the first prize. The browsing was controlled using voice actions powered by Android speech recognition and TTS (yet to go live)
  • integrated Firebase Analytics, crash reporting and FCM into Zomato Collect.
  • have been involved in code clean out and refactor of exisiting code including migration to Android specific architectures MVP and MVVM for multiple Android projects
  • automated testing for multiple apps using Espresso testing framework
  • created a Chathead service to import photos from 3rd party document scanning apps, integrated CamScanner SDK
Treebo Hotels, Bengaluru
June 2016 – July 2016
Software Development Intern
Worked on Prowl, a Hotel Auditing tool.
  • used libraries such as Butterknife and Retrofit
  • implemented MVP architecture for the entire project
  • used Rx Android for networking (using retrofit) and other background scheduler tasks
HeadLyt, Bengaluru (Bike taxi startup)
Jan 2016 – Mar 2016
Being a part of the four member team, my responsibilities ranged from development to operations and marketing as also interviewing and recruiting new drivers.
  • single handedly developed the android app for the startup
  • handled operations including managing drivers and recruiting new ones
  • shouldered the responsibility of the company's external interactions
Flipkart, Bengaluru
September 2015 – December 2015
SDE Intern
Worked on Project Talent Graph, a network of employees, ex-employees and candidates for efficient hiring by the talent acquisition team
  • used Graph Databases (Neo4j frameowok) to host the entire network
  • created a Chrome extension to crawl the current open LinkedIn Profile Page, pack it into a JSON and save to the graph database and subsequently find overlaps
  • created a PhantonJS script to automate login into LinkedIn and crawl LinkedIn Profile pages in Bulk (not released into production)
  • created a name mapping algorithm using SimMetrics library to approx. map names from two data sources
  • learnt some html skills which were later useful in creating this resume
NetSolutions India, Chandigarh
June 2014 – July 2014
Software Development Intern
Worked on an Android application for intelligent parking system while undergoing Industrial Training for 6 weeks.
  • the application facilitates effective parking management
  • the application manages everything from handling payments, opening barriers to navigating the user to the parking spot
IETE Student Chapter
July 2014 – June 2015
Technical head
During my one year tenure, I was responsible for organising various technical activities across the campus
  • organised and managed various events including workshops, seminars, quizzes and coding events.
  • took initiative for organising an Android workshop to make students learn the basics of Android
  • the chapter was highly appreciated by the college management for its active role in organising various events successfuly


Stock Tracker – An open source Android project to showcase MVP Android architecture with RxAndroid, Retrofit 2.0, ButterKnife.
March 2018
This is my first open source project. It is a sample Android app to showcase MVP Android architecture with RxAndroid, Retrofit 2.0, ButterKnife. The app that shows you realtime current stock price, lowest intraday price, highest intraday price and historical data based on the data provided from all in a reactive manner.
Official Android application for
    Algorythm (Annual Cultural Fest)
    Techlone (Annual Technical Fest)
Algorythm - March 2014, September 2014
Techelone - March 2015
These applications were the official android applications developed for annual technical and cultural fests of Chitkara University
  • implemented Explore the campus feature which gives a virtual tour of the campus using full 360 degree photospheres (using Panorama Client) Download and experience
  • implemented push notifications (using Google cloud messaging)
  • implemented direction fetching and route drawings from user’s current location to campus (using Google Directions and Maps API)
  • earned highly positive reviews (Algorythm is rated 4.8 and Techelone 4.6)
GeoFun – A Geography learning Android application
March 2013
A Geography learning Android application developed during 12 hours night coding event Hackathon organised by PEC University of technology
  • adjudged as the second-best software during 12 hours night coding event “Hackathon”
  • helps students learn geography in a fun and intuitive way
  • enables you to tap anywhere on the Google world map and then fetches information (food, currency, country, music etc.) related to that country (from Wikipedia) in an easy to use GUI
  • lets you play Geocaching, an outdoor recreational activity in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches", anywhere in the world
Double music
July 2013
This was a fun application developed in free time, It is a music player which can play two different songs at the same time (one in the left earphone and the other in the right). This was achieved by using Android Media APIs
Desktop Examination System
July 2013
This was a desktop Examination system developed in Java. This software enables users to take tests and view & save results. The questions are fetched in real time from an SQL database. The result of the test is also stored back in an SQL database


  • February 2017


    First prize- Hackathon

    Won first prize in internal Hackathon (developed a Virtual reality browsing experience for the "Zomato - Restaurant Finder" Android app)

  • January 2015

    Chitkara University

    Part of University Coding Academy (UCA)

  • October 2014

    PEC University of technology

    2nd Prize-Hackathon

    My android application, GeoFun was adjudged as the second-best software during 12 hours night coding event “Hackathon”

  • March 2014

    Chitkara University

    Techincal Head

    Held the position of Technical Head for the Annual cultural fest of the University- Algorythm

  • October 2014

    PEC University of technology

    First Prize-DoDesign

    Won first prize in the event Do-design (a website development competition) organized during PECFEST the Annual techno-cultural fest of PEC University of technology

  • March 2013

    PEC University of technology

    First Prize-OMNIQUEST

    Won first prize in the event OMNIQUEST organized during “VYOM 2013”, the Annual technical fest of PEC University of technology

  • January 2013

    3CTech, Chitkara University

    First Prize-General Technology Quiz

  • April 2013

    IETE, Chitkara University

    First Prize-C Coding Event

    Won first prize in on-campus C Coding event organised by IETE during IETE Technology week in April 2013

  • April 2013

    Chitkara University, Punjab

    Second Prize-Technoholix

    Won second prize in the event Technoholix organised during Praudyogikii'13, the Annual cultural fest of Chitkara University, Punjab

  • October 2014

    PEC University of technology

    Second Prize-Techno-roadies

    Won second prize in the event Techno-roadies organized during “VYOM 2014”, the Annual technical fest of PEC University of technology

  • January 2006

    National Research Institute for Knowledge Development

    Silver Medal-All India Computer Knowledge Competition

  • January 2005

    National Research Institute for Knowledge Development

    Gold Medal-All India Computer Knowledge Competition


  • December 2016

    Attended Slash n, a technology conference organised by Flipkart in Bengaluru.

  • 2015 - 2016

    Have been actively associated in organising various events in the university especially technical quizzes, workshops and seminars

  • November 2014

    Attended SAP Techniversity, Asia’s largest technology event for students

  • October 2013

    Participated in Android workshop organized by BLR Droid at Chitkara University, Punjab

  • October 2013

    Participated in IYF World camp

  • 2009

    Won Nepal-India Friendship Quiz Competition-2009 organized by Embassy of Nepal and was awarded a fully paid trip to Nepal

  • 2008

    Won Gold and Silver Medals in All India Open Table Soccer Championship 2008 in singles and doubles category respectively


Mobile application development (Android)
Espresso MVP Architecture MVVM/Data Binding Retrofit 2 RxAndroid Observer Pattern Async tasks Services SQlite Google Cloud messaging Google play services Phostsphere integration (Panorama Client) Testing and debugging Apps Publishing apps on Google Play
Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio Dev c++
Web Development (Prior Experience)
HTML Javascript REST NodeJS PhantomJS CasperJS Chrome extension DropWizard
Programming Languages
C ( proficient ) C++ ( proficient ) Javascript ( prior experience ) NodeJS ( prior experience ) Java (expert)
Relational Databases (SQL) Graph Databases (Neo4j)
Operating Systems
Windows Linux Mac OS X Android
Build Systems
Another Neat Tool (ANT) Maven Gradle


  • English
  • HindiNative speaker
  • Punjabi


FooseBall Crossfit Cycling
Gadgets SDKs Dev Conferences
Tinkering with devices
Rooting Custom ROMs